I am Cheri Christine Keirstead ~

Healer, Author & Creative

Life In The Spiritual Lane is a collection and reflection of the healing power of hope, love, trust and forgiveness offering resources for your adventure called life. It is a culmination of many sources and experiences from my own healing journey, including supporting others for over ten years as a Spiritual & Intuitive Healer, Energy & EFT Practitioner, Relationship & Lifestyle Coach, Writer and Speaker.

Many clients have worked with me and applied the information found on this site to move beyond pain, anxiety, anger, sadness, chronic illness, despair and feeling stuck in their lives. You can too!

You will discover many ways to embrace a creative, intuitive and healthy life, while learning to develop a sincere relationship with spirit.  This creates a foundation for a lifestyle that keeps you grounded like the roots of the tree, while allowing your creativity to reach new heights like the branches of that tree.

Travel along with me through back roads and major highways of life’s ups, downs, and all arounds as I share my own spiritual growth while holding space for you to expand into the fullest expression of your soul’s desire.  My own spiritual awakening has led me here and I will share with you the many ways spirit has spoken to me, leading me closer and closer to home, while providing inspiration, motivation, support and so much love for you on your own spiritual path.

Life in the Spiritual Lane is not always smooth sailing. Sometimes you travel on stormy seas. Yet like the changing tides which ebb and flow, it's an adventure with great surprises and many pleasures.

Living a spiritual life is not about striving to be perfect. It is all about being real and remembering that we are spiritual beings in a physical body here to learn and grow. It can be messy, scary, painful and emotional.  Awakening to your spiritual existence is about growth, expansion, being knocked down and getting back up again.  Life in the spiritual lane is about tuning into your soul’s truth and allowing spirit to guide you for your highest good.

When you tune into your soul's truth and listen and follow its guidance your world will be more loving and joyful, growing more beautiful and expansive each day. Your health, relationships and lifestyle will not only improve, they will thrive.

Compare your soul to a diamond.  When the stone is pulled from the ground it is not sparkling like you are used to seeing it.  It takes many hours of shaping, cutting, cleaning and buffing to reveal the brilliance that catches the light of the sun.  

So it is with your soul. It's been hidden, covered and ignored for so long and it's time to remove the layers of conditioning, limits, fear, doubt, guilt, family programming, generational cords, past life trauma and others agendas for you, to reveal the brilliance of your truth, so that you can live in harmony with your soul's desires.   

Resources and stories to support you on your spiritual and healing adventure await you.  I invite you to believe in the magic of faith, open your heart to receive all the goodness that is yours, and see the beautiful light that shines within you and let it shine brightly.

Since beginning in 2008, I had several websites, but in 2019 I decided to start fresh, so I let go all the sites.  You can still find all the videos I created through the years on my old youtube channel.

In keeping with theme of starting fresh, I am creating a new youtube channel to host the new videos I will create for using EFT, creative pursuits, books being written and published, intuition, meditations, chakras, all things spiritual.  Of course all of these videos will be found here on my blog, too.


Professional Bio

Cheri’s is passionate about holding sacred space for men, women, children and families to create lifestyles, health and relationships that serve their highest good. Her innovative and spiritual approach offers practical and intuitive guidance for breaking down the barriers to health, happiness and love. She inspires others to bring their own mission and passion to life, play by their own rules, and express themselves powerfully and authentically.

Cheri’s own personal and professional struggles have taught her that health is a priority, relationships are important, and lifestyle is a choice. She supports you to be in alignment with your values, integrate your mind with your heart and utilize your masculine and feminine energies. She enjoys helping you define your version of success and creating a life that is fulfilling and harmonious with your soul, fueled by your own inner wisdom.

In addition to the various coaching, energy, and healing programs Cheri has completed, she also holds a BS in education, has worked in the school systems in New Hampshire and Connecticut, held various professional positions in the corporate world, spoken on several stages, and is a former radio show host of, “Seeds of Love.”



I have been so blessed to support many people over the past 11 years. Watching them heal, expand, awaken, release and transform has been such a gift. I am so grateful that they have taken the time to share the victory stories with me and with you.