You are here to love, be loved and live your soul’s purpose. The following workshops are a great way to get started in lieu of working with Cheri individually. Surround yourself in a positive and collective energy of love and support. I will facilitate a safe and loving space for you to open to possibilities, challenge limiting beliefs, clear stagnant energy that no longer serves you, make empowering choices and see with new perspective. You are in charge. Bring your challenges AND dreams, an open mind and be ready to take your life, health, creativity, and relationships to the next level of fulfillment.


Wisdom through the chakras

Learn about the wonderful world of energy centers that live within your bodies and the space that surrounds you. The chakras carry the imprint of our sum experiences and also what we have absorbed through experiences, generational ties, and past lives. Each of the seven chakras absorb and hold memory and vibration which regulates your life force. Each chakra corresponds to specific areas of your body with a host of information to show where you may holding old, stagnant energy. Learn how to work with your chakras to clear, balance and revitalize these spinning wheels of life force, or chi.

Tapping into creativity

If you are feeling challenged or stuck in an area of your life, come learn about and use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to reduce the stress your body holds. By tapping with your fingertips on certain points on your hands, face and upper body while recalling emotions or memories, you take your body into a more relaxed state. With regular tapping, you can break old habits, create new ones, think creatively and feel more peaceful. EFT helps balance your energy system, create new neural pathways, and helps with pain relief, anxiety, PTSD, phobias and many other issues. In the workshop we will focus on opening the channels to your creativity.

tuning in to your intuitive super powers

In this introductory workshop on intuition, we will dive into the 4 C’s of intuition, and the 4 ways we receive intuitive information. But this is not just learning about your intuition, it is a hands on practical workshop with exercises to put concrete experience to the information that you are learning. Start allowing your inner wisdom and guidance to support you in choosing the life that is in harmony with your soul and leading you on a journey for your highest and best self.