Thanks for helping me see all the good right in front of me

 Cheri – a huge THANK YOU for what you have helped me with over our sessions we have had together. The huge breakthrough that we made 2 weeks ago has just opened my eyes to see what has been in front of me for years – love, respect, caring, passionate, friends, family.

I know that I bottled things up because I didn’t know what to do or where to go – so bottling it up seemed like the right thing to do – now I see that I was bottling it up and it just made me unhealthy emotionally. I am so grateful that you have helped me to release the hurt, anger, sad feelings that have been around for many years. I see how I can make life even better for me, my husband, my kids, family and friends. 

Sometimes you do need to see things outside the box and you need someone to tell you how they see it and it helped me to realize my life would not be as wonderful, events and activities would not have occurred if I didn’t take this path and where I am now — it may not have happened this way.

So instead of holding onto the past and hoping/wishing for what I can’t have – I am going to be happy and grateful for what I do have – live life to the fullest and respect, love and care for what I do have. Cheri – Thank you for this journey that we took together – it was so worth it – just wish I found you sooner – but we both know – when it's meant to be – it's meant to be!

Staci Jansma,   October 2009