I could start walking again

“I attended Cheri’s group Tappy Hour. I had a bone in my right foot that would not stay in the joint. I would continually have to go to my chiropractor to have it adjusted back into its socket.  And then it would pop back out shortly after an adjustment. As a result of this physical challenge, I had been unable to begin to create a new habit of walking for exercise that I wanted to develop to support the weight release program I was doing.

By the end of that day’s session, the bone in my foot had slid back into its socket. And it has remained there ever since then.

As a result of this I was able to begin an exercise regime of walking daily without experiencing any pain in my right foot.  I am now up to walking +3 miles a day!!!

I can personally recommend to anyone experiencing a health issue to seek out Cheri’s wonderful help in healing it through the use of EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique ).

Thank you so very much, Cheri!
~ Erin Plunkett ~ Space Clearing Design Solutions


Cheri Keirstead