You create such a safe environment for people like me to grow and flourish

Cheri, my heart is filled with gratitude as I write this to you. Your workshop exceeded all my expectations. I went to the Intuition Retreat thinking and hoping to learn my intuitive style. I came back with so much more.

I t all started as soon I set the intention to join the retreat. It was as if a door opened in that moment and my intuition already started expanding. I understand how energy works, so it is no surprise that setting the intention to learn more about my intuition had triggered something deep within. The workshop itself was awesome.

I felt so comfortable as you always hold a beautiful space. I have difficulties sitting still at times, yet I found myself so engaged in all the conversation, exercises and information that time flew by.

I am so grateful that you allowed our group to stay longer than expected. In that last meditation I actually met my second guide and all I can say about that is, rock on! WOW! Words can’t really describe the feeling, so I’m not even going to try.

Fast forward a few days past the retreat and I have just met my third guide using the guided imagery you taught us. I am trusting my intuition and moving forward with it. I even got confirmation and validation on several different things that came up. Validation is so important to me as I can be rather skeptical at times.

Thank you for all you do. You’ve honestly made a huge difference in my life. I appreciate your wisdom but I appreciate your funny, loving and accepting personality even more. You create such a safe environment for people like me to grow and flourish.


Becka Cail