The healing process is a journey toward reclaiming our wholeness through consciousness and remembrance of who we are at a soul level. By working with the energy in your body and chakras, you connect to a part of yourself that is forgotten, bring light to it, and heal the energy that no longer serves, while bringing in that which does. It opens the pathways between your physical and spiritual selves creating expansiveness and love at the soul level.


During the interactive experience of working with Cheri, you "hear the whispers of truth" in the safe space that is being created and held for you. Sessions are done in person, by phone or video

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tapping ~ eft

Tapping calms your nervous system and halts the fight or flight response which lowers cortisol levels. With tapping you can change how your brain reacts to stress and triggers

chakra balancing

In this relaxing experience, Cheri works with your chakras (energy centers) to remove your energetic blocks and restore your vitality and life force

past life regression

Journey back in time and visit 3 past lifetimes to find answers to a specific issue and rewrite the story to benefit and heal that issue

soul retrieval

Cheri guides you on a personal journey to not only discover when you lost parts of your soul, but also to gather back your missing pieces and restore them

matrix reimprinting

Cheri guides you using EFT principles to find and heal trauma from your past and present life when specific memories are present

intuitive reading

By reading the information in your chakras and body, Cheri can help you discover where you may be blocked in your life and help you find answers

oracle card reading

Using a variety of cards, Cheri will help you find answers, divine guidance and affirmations for where you are and next steps

guided journey

In this session, Cheri will create and hold sacred space while leading you in a guided meditation to meet with your own guides for answers and guidance

intuition development

classes, workshops and personal mentoring that teaches you to trust, use and expand your intuition for guidance in your life

private and group mentoring

I teach, guide and work with you to learn or expand your spiritual, intuitive, healing and / or creative gifts