Deep and Enlightening!
I enjoyed a powerful and insightful session with Cheri
yesterday. She is sensitive and brilliant in her guidance to uncover blocks
and help me clear them. I loved my time with her and highly recommend
her services. I felt supported and loved throughout.
— Virginia P

In an energy healing session, we rebalance your chakras and energy field, look at the emotions, trauma, beliefs and experiences that are revealed as I connect to the divinity in you and me and all that is.  I am able to receive information on your behalf and for your highest good to share with you to raise your awareness. I clear the energy you are ready to release, making room for something new, and add the new information, intention and energy you are choosing now. I teach you ways to nourish and reconnect to your soul for expansiveness, health, creativity and joy. 

:Cheri, after our session yesterday I had a great night’s sleep- the first one I’ve had in weeks. I started my soul letter, and was able to connect and let go of some of the pain I’ve been carrying without even knowing it. I’m excited to continue the process and see what opens up as a result. I feel lighter and calmer today. Thanks for your healing words and work!
— Beth Frede


At the very core of all existence is energy.   Quantum physics has proven that solid matter does not exist in the universe.  Matter is composed of atoms which is essentially energy. There is a field of energy that connects every living thing. The same energy that makes up you and me is the same energy that breathes through trees, rocks, nature and even the chair you are sitting in.

Within our physical bodies are wheels of life called chakras. These energy centers carry the imprint of the sum experiences, beliefs, thoughts, trauma and perceptions of the human experience in this and all other lifetimes. 

Outside the physical body is an energy field that surrounds it. This receives information from the outside world in which you come in contact.  We are large antennae picking up on frequencies from everywhere. For many this can be overwhelming and confusing, especially the more wide open or sensitive that you are. 

We are all intuitive beings.  It’s just that many have forgotten this part of their existence  once life took over and taught them to ignore that side of themselves.  Many don’t know what to do with it. Others just don’t trust it. I’ve experienced all of this, but as my intuitive super powers started to show up more strongly, I started to pay attention.  I have been studying with many teachers and modalities as I fine tuned my own trust in intuition and developed the capacity to use it to help others by learning to “read” your energy, clear it and revitalize it. I never imagined I would be doing this or that it was even possible, but I have been following signs and spirit for over 20 years and  working with clients for over ten years I cannot ignore what I have personally experienced in my practice and in my own life.

Some people are more naturally attuned to their intuitive side and others are knocked into it, like me.  However, we all have the natural ability to communicate and understand at a much deeper level when we cultivate our intuitive languages. I certainly did not ask for this at any level I am aware anyway, but it is a gift that has been given to me by God and not for my own personal use, but to help heal the world one person and one small group at a time. 

From a Shamanic perspective, each level of healing we do heals 7 generations forwards and back.  That’s pretty powerful stuff. Since we are connected to all life, the more we heal ourselves from the inside out, the more healing the world receives.  It’s not an easy journey to take on by yourself. Having support, community and guidance can help your healing accelerate. 

If you are interested in a healing session, click here.

It was a wonderful session! My first time for an energy
healing and I benefitted greatly! Thank you
— Martha G
Wow!  My Dear Cheri …  In our short time ( a matter of minutes)  working together, we got right to the core of some things I have been tracking down for 50 years.  I was ready and you are truly gifted.  I already feel lighter,
tearful. alive  and sooo relieved that there is a end to these issues!!!!
 Endless Blessings and my gratitude for your talent generous nature.
— Kathleen Arvold, Boulder City, NV