Wisdom Through The Chakras - Introduction

Welcome to the wonderful world of chakras.

I first became interested in the chakras in 2005.  There was a wonderful yoga class offered by a woman in my neighborhood who ran the classes in a converted studio above her garage.  During class, she would refer to the chakras with some information. It was intriguing to me. She lent me a book, where I copied pictures of the chakras with their names and basic information, then taped them into a journal.    This was the beginning of a continual journey through these beautiful energy centers, each year learning more about them through study, practice and writing.

We all have seven major considerable energy centers which are known as chakras.  They exist within our physical body as well as in the space that surrounds us all. These spinning wheels of energy absorb and hold memory and vibration that regulates our life force or chi. Chakra is a wheel or vortex or station that holds energetic imprints of the sum experiences from past lifetimes, tribal memory, the current life, including and especially the childhood years.  The vibrational energy that the chakras carry affect how we feel, interpret our experiences, our emotional capacity, life issues and even physical health.

The chakras influence the physical body through the organs, muscles, ligaments, veins and all body parts within the chakra energy field, the endocrine system which regulates mood, personality and overall health. On the psychological side, the chakras resonate with the themes of survival procreation, identity, love and expression. Spiritually, the universal or archetypal energies which include ancestral memory and past lives are revealed. Memory is energetically encoded in the chakras as equally as chemicals are encoded in our neurons. An imprint of every important, emotional, significant or traumatic experience throughout generations and lifetimes is believed to be recorded in your chakra history. I believe this to be true since during my many years of spiritual and energy healing, I have been able to read the energy and stories that live within the chakras.

The progression of the chakra development from the base of the spine through the crown above the head follows a natural flow beginning with the desire for life and living it fully as we become empowered, learn to love and be loved, expressing our truths, comprehension for understanding and longing for connection with others and with the divine. They are a governing energy to your physical, spiritual and psychological health.  

Many people think that we are stuck with what we are born with, yet the truth is, we have the ability to create the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual environment for our bodies to be healthy, our minds to be flexible, our spirit to be expansive, and our souls to remember. Our chakras are the key. When these centers are blocked or imbalanced, it can cause us to be stuck in negative patterns of thinking, believing and behavior.  Anxiety, illness, pain are all signs that our chakras need attention.

Chakras are a holding station for energy and memory. Think of them as antennae that pic up signals that emanate both from within your subconscious energetic field, and signals from everything going on outside yourself, all the way back to the beginning of your existence.  

Often we are unaware of the memories, issues, and perceptions that are unconsciously locked away in our chakras and their corresponding body parts.  When you tune into the wisdom of your chakras, you will be able to balance the energies to support you in moving with freedom rather than programming.

Often, when people who are aspiring to heighten their spiritual side will focus their attention on their upper chakras, ignoring their lower ones. It is equally important to be grounded and balanced in your lower chakras to feel connected to your higher realm.  No one chakra is more important than the other. They each carry their own imprint, memories, energies, and perception depending on the theme the chakra is working. You can go seven layers deep into each chakra; reading, working, clearing, revitalizing each layer. Each time will take you deeper into a clear and beautiful energy that guides you with love and wisdom.

Root Chakra - Instinctual Need for Survival and Sexuality
This is your foundation. The basic issues associated with the root chakra are instinct, safety, survival, grounding, family, security, boundaries, sexuality and new beginnings. You will find family wounds and tribal beliefs are stored in the body in this area. Health of this chakra is associated with your upbringing and early life.

Sacral Chakra – Pleasure Seeker and Creative

The sacral chakra is concerned with daily aspects of living, people to whom we relate, and quality of our relationships.  It also relates to everything we own, money, relationships, and passion. It represents your ability to go with the flow – grace and acceptance and allowing yourself to enjoy your life and achievements
Our roles are affected by the programming in this area of fear of abandonment, financial security, social status, children, and creativity.  You can be controlled by your fears, level of trust, control, blame, guilt and shame.

Solar Chakra – Power Driver and Identity

Your solar chakra is associated with personality and will power, self- esteem and personal identity. This is the area of assertiveness, intuition, and inner drive. This area controls digestion and the metabolic systems that processes the energy needed to overcome inertia and apathy, and get us moving from our stuck status.  It is from this chakra that we assert our personal power, follow our gut instincts, take risks and make decisions. It is where we feel self-respect, confidence, and decisiveness.

Heart Chakra – Searching for Love, Compassion and Connection

It is from your heart chakra that you trust in the goodness of life. It represents compassion, selfless love, personal love, universal love, your capacity to feel, express yourself emotionally, and to participate in true partnerships where both partners are equally powerful and vulnerable. Your heart chakra is where you process and store emotional experiences. The heart chakra speaks of “we” instead of “me.” You begin to experience the unity of life rather than the separateness. You see joy and kindness everywhere and therefore experience it.

Throat Chakra – Expressing Your Truth

The throat chakra is associated with sound, creative self-expression, speech and communication, will and timing. The ability to speak honestly, to receive, process and assimilate information, and to connect and speak to your inner truth are all related to the throat chakra. This is your center of transformation and change, where you harness your energy to express yourself, from your spirit, heart and mind. When you are able to express yourself from your personal truths, you are able to fully develop into whole and balanced individuals who are capable of sustaining deep and intimate relationships.

Pituitary or Brow Chakra -  Spiritual Awakening, Perception and Understanding

The brow chakra combines the clearly focused left-brain, which computes and analyzes with an open right brain, which is where our intuitive, artistic and psychic gifts reside. Concentrating on this center teaches you discernment and wisdom, where you can focus on your inner state of awareness and the outer world at the same time. It helps you to see clearly what is important for your own well-being and happiness, giving you a sense of perspective and insight.

Crown Chakra – Divine Connection and Transcendence of Self

The crown chakra symbolizes purity and spirituality. Its function is to open you to the light of spirit, which is connected to Source.  It is your highest energy center, physically located just above the top of your head and has the highest rate of vibration. The crown chakra embodies liberation, sharing great knowledge, deep understanding, inner wisdom, and a connection to the highest state of enlightenment and spiritual connection.  It also represents union with the higher self and the divine.

More posts to follow as I dive deeper into each chakra.