Meditation to Set Sacred Space and Protection


Take several slow, deep and mindful breaths.

Feel yourself settle into your body.

Continue to breathe

Being aware of your breath entering your body

Filling your body with life force, receiving sacred love

Slowly releasing any stress, worry, fear and doubt.

Breathe in and out, finding your own natural rhythm. 

Say the following:

I declare this my sacred space

All that is allowed is love and light

I asked to be protected by the divine white light

Of the Holy Spirit

Above me, below me, within me, and all around me. 

I call in my angels, guides and animal spirits

To support, guide and protect me.

I call upon Mother Earth and Ocean

Father Sky, the Sun, the Moon and the Stars

To source me with love, grounding and expansion.

I send love,gratitude and compassion 

to all life, including myself.

Reconnect to your breathing.

Put your attention to your root chakra.

Allow a cord to grow from your root chakra, 

Your connection to the physical world

Down through the floor, through all levels of flooring

Into the earth, deep into the center of the earth

Allowing yourself to feel, sense, see, know or even  smell

this connection.

When you feel grounded and connected with Mother Earth

Allow this cord to expand and grow past your physical body

And out past your energy body

So that your complete aura and energy body space

Is rooted and grounded to Mother Earth

Feeling and receiving Her support and grounding energy

Helping you to feel safe and secure 

In your body, mind, spirit, emotions and space

As you breathe in, allow Earth’s energy to come up

Through that  grounding cord 

Filling the space around you, and

Filling your body - organs, muscles, bones and cells

Allow your body and energy to be nourished by 

Mother Earth’s love and kindness

Receiving Her gifts of love, nurturing and stability

As you exhale, allow your body, energy centers and aura

To release what no longer serves you.

Allowing it to go down your grounding cord

Into Mother Earth, 

Where She receives, transmutes and refreshes

With a renewed energy that serves the 

highest and best good of all life

Every breath in, receiving from Mother Earth

What you need for your highest good

Every breath out, releasing what no longer serves you

What is not even yours, what never was, what is ready to go

Breath in and out in your own rhythm.

Bring your attention to crown chakra

Allowing a cord that reaches upward to the skies

To all divinity and creation

Allow that cord to expand outside your physical body

And out past your energy body

Your complete aura, energy fields, chakras and physical body

Now connected to both Mother Earth and to the 

Divine God of  All Love and All Creation

Allow the white cleansing light from Divine Love

To fill your crown chakra 

Filling your body, energy centers and aura 

Reaching down through your grounding cord 

Into Mother Earth

Experiencing this connection between 

the rooting, stable energy of Mother Earth

And expansive, creative energy of the Divine

Say the following:

I AM the Light

The Light surrounds me

The Light is within me

The Light radiates from me

The light sources me

The Light protects me

I AM the Light

Reconnect to your breath.

Breathing in through your grounding and expansion cord

Allowing the light to cleanse and fill you with 

the colors and blessings

that raise your vibration for your highest and best

Allowing Mother Earth and Father Sky to work together

Merging themselves into a dance of collaboration and joy

Weaving their collective magic of universal love and joy

Intermingling and running through your veins, meridians, organs, chakras

Connecting your disparate selves, reuniting 

Left brain and right brain

masculine and feminine

Creative and logical

Losing all sense of superiority and melding into the oneness of life

Breathing in the energy of wholeness, love and connection.

Filling you with the sense of safety and love, divine expression and protection

Creating this space for yourself

Where you can live with your truth

Feel your own feelings and emotions

Experiencing your own truths

Allowing this beautiful energetic boundary

Of light to seal you in so you are not taking on the energy of others

Not reacting to what is happening outside yourself

Being an observer, but not a participant

When you are ready, take a deep cleansing breath, 

releasing as you feel your body calm, relaxed, grounded, centered and yet open and expansive at the same time. 

May your day be blessed and filled with love and light and peace for all