Author Page

I have always imagined myself a writer of novels, yet all of my writing has been nonfiction, writing for local publications, my blog, and my courses. I have been engrossed in three writing projects - a fictional novel, a book of hope and healing, and a book on how to understand the power of the chakras for healing and growth. I look forward to publishing and sharing these books with you.


Finally, I’ve allowed spirit to nudge me into breathing life into a story that allows me creative license. My first novel, Split Wide Open, has Sophia as the main character, struggling to find her way after the sudden death of her husband. As she begins to heal from this loss, she discovers a secret that rips her heart open and Sophia has to dig deep to find understanding, forgiveness and new life.


Book of Hope is the culmination of my healing journey which began when I was completely bedridden from chronic lyme disease. In this book I share the resources and tools that helped me stay hopeful in the the darkest days and to slowly rebuild myself inside and out. I am still a work in progress as we all are, but the contents in the Book of Hope still work their magic for me and can work their magic for you to live hopeful and happy life. 


Wisdom Through The Chakras is a hands on healing guide for anyone. The chakras are wheels of energy that store all the information of your spirit, beliefs, and body. When you understand the many opportunities to learn about yourself by learning the wisdom held in your chakras, you can begin to make healthy changes in your life. This book began as a course that I taught over 8 week periods. I am so very excited to be reworking it into a book so more people can have access to the beautiful world of your chakras.